Our Simple Guide To Start a Blog

If you are looking for an easy, hassle free tutorial to start your own blog then you have found the right site. This is one of the simplest guides you will find online because we know what it is like to be a beginner. If there was a site like this when I was starting, thing could have been a whole lot easier. I have made this step by step guide as simple as possible, but if you do run into any problems just contact our team and we will help you through every step. We won’t be happy until you have your blog up and running.

When you are starting a blog there are just 3 simple steps to run through and then you can blog away as often as you like. I will stress though that step one is the most important step. And that is choosing your domain and hosting your blog. Making sure you choose the right host will make your visitors have an excellent experience on your blog instead of not being able to find it.
You can’t always assume that the cheapest host is going to be the right choice. When you are deciding you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do they have the best service?

2. What is their downtime record?

3. Are they able to offer round the clock support?

These are extremely important questions and we are more than happy for you to ask us all the questions you like when determining which one to choose.

In your step by step guide today we will be recommending Hostgator for your domain purchase and also to host your blog. We do own a number of blogs and websites and we use Hostgator for all our hosting needs. We have never had any problems with them and I can honestly say I recommend them to all my friends. And today I will recommend them to you in your tutorial so it can save you some time in deciding which one to go with.

Are You Ready To Start Your Blog?


1 – Register Your Domain and Host Your Blog

Ok so firstly we need to head on over to Hostgator to go through the domain and hosting setup process

Click Here To Go To Hostgator.com

Hostgator would have to be one of the most respected hosting providers on the web, they offer domain names and hosting and when you use them for both it makes everything a whole lot easier.

Now Click On “Get Started Now!”

Get Started Now

As we are just starting off and purchasing our first blog today, we feel the it is best to choose the “Hatchling Plan”. It’s their smallest and cheapest plan, but if we need more we can always add it later.


Tip Of The Day!! – If you sign up for 2 years now you will save 35 dollars instantly. It’s a fantastic deal.

Now you should be on the Hostgator Order Wizard Page.

So firstly (as the screen shot below shows) enter the domain you wish to purchase into the search bar like is shown on the picture and Hostgator will automatically tell you whether that domain is available or not. Sometimes the first one you choose isn’t available so keep trying until you find one that is available and that you are happy with and then pick your package type and billing cycle. Here the best deal is if you sign up for 3 years, but anything over 12 months we think is a really good deal from Hostgator, so you are happy to choose what you wish.

Domain Enter


Now Enter in all your billing information and then scroll down until you find the tab where you can enter your coupon code. We have secured a great deal from Hostgator of 25% off discount code for all our visitors so please be sure to use it as it is a great deal. In the coupon code box enter the code “BLOGGINGEXPERTS” to secure your discount immediately.

Coupon Code

Now once you are happy with everything and you have entered in all your details correctly just hit create account and we can move onto the next step.

You will receive some emails from Hostgator with all your login details and passwords etc so make sure you keep this in a safe place as we will need them for the next steps.

That was easy right? In the last 10 minutes you got your blog’s domain and hosting all setup.

Still there are 2 steps to go, we need to install and configure WordPress.

You may need to wait an hour or two before we can continue on with the following steps. Hostgator will need to setup the hosting at their end before we can continue. You may also need to confirm your details with them but they will email you if they need anything.

2 – WordPress Installation

WordPress is one of the simplest blogging platforms available. It is used by people of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced web developers. WordPress has become one of the best content management systems for all blogs and websites. It is very user friendly, customizable and can be a very effective tool for blog creation.

With WordPress you are able to use the free themes they offer. There is no reason at all as a beginner you will need to hire a designer or developer as these themes can sometime make your blog very professional. It is also very SEO friendly and you have the ability to install plugins that can increase the visibility of your blog in the search engines.

Hostgator already has the wordpress installer, all you need to do is click it and it is done. So firstly we need to go to your control panel also known as cPanel.

Type in your blogs domain www.theblogyouhavechosen.com/cpanel

Now with the information from your Hostgator email you will be able to enter in your log in details and you will find your control panel.

The screen should look like this:

Now Scroll your way down the page to the Software/Services category and click the “Fantastico Deluxe” tab to install WordPress on your site


Now click on the “WordPress tab on the left of the screen and then the “New Installation” tab as the picture below shows. You will be asked to enter a username and password before installation so enter the details you wish them to be, just remember to write them down somewhere so you remember them.


Last thing, click on the “Install Now” button and then you will be done. WordPress will now be installed on your website. You will have the default theme on your blog if you were to visit your site now, but don’t worry you can easily change that when you get into your WordPress dashboard in Step 3. Your user name and password will appear and you should also be emailed all the details.

3 – WordPress Set Up

After you have completed the WordPress installation and can see the default theme installed on your site you can now log into your dashboard. Your log in address for your dashboard will be the domain you have chosen from Step 1 followed by /wp-admin.

For Example:


Use your log in details here and you now see your WordPress dashboard which should look similar to the picture below. What you should see straight up is some links to posts, pages, themes, appearance etc. Tray and get yourself used to the dashboard because it will become an integral part in the creation of your blog.


At this Stage we are just going to focus on the the tabs we believe you will need straight away when designing and building your blog. They are:

1. Posts – Since this is a blog, you will be updating your posts quite often. You can generate blog posts inside this tab. You can choose the date you want them to be published, publisher’s name and can decide whether or not you want people to leave comments on your post.

2. Pages – You can use this section to add new pages to the blog. You can look through the various options like modifying the page order and adjusting templates

3. Appearance – This is the best part of all, it will allow you to customize your blog including the overall appearance, sidebar widgets, and pretty much the way everything on your blog appears to your visitors can be customized from this tab.

4. Media – This option allows you to manage all of your pictures and videos that you want to appear on your blog or website.

5. Plugins – When used the right way plugins can be very useful on your blog. For people with limited website or blog experience plugins can make difficult tasks quite simple. For example, adding a contact form or increasing the blog’s visibility, performance, style and look.

6. Settings – In this section, you will be able to setup the blog’s name, front page display, description, privacy and date format.

For more great information you can visit the WordPress support forums anytime just click here to visit.


Now that is it! You are pretty much done, if you have followed the above steps above your blog should be ready to go and ready for you to start blogging. You just need to add some great content like video’s, pics and content. If you are still having problems, maybe consider running through the steps again and see where you might have made any mistakes. Don’t worry, it happens! Before you know it you will have setup your very own blog and even have some visitors. Best Of Luck!!

If you having problems with any step of the guide you can contact us anytime and we will get back to you and can point you in the right direction. Our goal is the same as yours and that is to have you blogging in no time.